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Projects Page

Standards and Specification Development Organizations (SSDOs)

We are actively involved in many standardization activities in accredited standards development organizations (standards) and non-accredited specification development organizations (specifications), such as fora, consortia, and trade organizations. We have been committed to SSDOs since 1983 in areas such as the global information infrastructure (GII), information technology (IT), communications and networking, wireless/nomadic systems, programming languages, operating systems, data and metadata, cultural adaptability, accommodation for users with various learning/physical capabilities/limitations, information privacy and security; and industries such as education, healthcare, multimedia and entertainment, finance, electronic publishing, and home electronics. See our page on Standards for more information.

Farance Inc. is a member of the INCITS Executive Board, which represents US National Body positions in Information Technology in ISO/IEC JTC1.

Frank Farance is the liaison from ISO/IEC JTC1 to ISO ITSIG (IT Strategies Implementation Group).

Enterprise and Business-to-Business Services

Farance Inc. provides the expertise to create, analyze, architect, design, and develop world-class enterprise solutions. For example, Farance Inc. developed the Learning Technology Systems Architecture (LTSA), which was standardized in IEEE 1484.1. The LTSA has been incorporated or referenced in hundreds of learning technology organizations (go to http://google.com and enter "LTSA Learning" without the double quotes).

Farance Inc. has been a lead architect for US Army enterprise-wide data strategies architectures.

In addition to the architecture and design work, Farance Inc. has engineered and developed these systems for Fortune 100 companies and government agencies.

Consulting and Engineering Services

Farance Inc. has a staff of architects and engineers to serve at every phase and every level of technology development.